Why Dance?

my answer inspired by a delightfully pregnant thought, the attached video, and a shared quote by Layne Remond

Because when I dance is when I am most free & connected to capital W, We

Because I have vibrated to that primordial rhythm even before I had ears to hear, vibrated in response before I recognized the rhythm as the first mother’s pulse, inside her as an egg inside my mother’s, mother.  Following the sound that connects me to back to capital Y, You.

Because I enjoy the way the vibrations feel, where they take me, and how they do so quicker than what could be spoken,  faster than light.

Because I know my dancing body inspires yours to move and delight in itself too, Beloved, and I love when you are in such a space…

see, like this…

let us delight in ourselves together, like that again, sans the pole, HERE

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