Through the Looking Glass: a reflection on presence

What I love about the Alice stories is the space that is wonderland.  Wonderland is a place of exploration, creation, a trying on of different puzzling aspects of life, and upon entering there is a call for surrender of our perspective.  Alice eats and grows, drinks and shrinks, and with each shift there are different truths to be present to.

This is true in our lives as well. There is changing of body size, expectations, roles, circumstances, the inherent dealing with ups and downs, and feeling confident or insecure with our current state of being.  All allowing us to experience different truths.

In the end of the two part 80s movie version of the tale, Alice becomes trapped in wonderland and can’t really go home until she is able to confront the misbeliefs and fears in her life. What she’s come to depend on to save her in the past no longer works.  After multiple inspired shifts of perspective, Alice has the presence to stand her ground in the midst of her fear and face the Jabberwocky: a monster representing her fear born beliefs.  The key to defeating the Jabberwocky lies in the shedding of those beliefs. The presence to stand her ground was made possible by her ability to make time for wonder, fully inhabit her body, ask for help, and take risks. It’s also what’s worked for me.    Jabberwockies: those beliefs passed on throughout the generations that had to be shed if I was to live my best life;  those beliefs I fabricated that at one time saved me from hurting myself and had to be shed if I was to accept the reality of what happened wholeheartedly;  those beliefs that kept me, shrinking and disowning my own wisdom and power for the sake of other’s comfort and had to be shed if I was to honor love with my being.  To slay the jabberwocky is to understand that the beliefs have had their time and were not meant to last forever, it is to bring a balanced fluidity back to our living, to allow things to be inspired and expire in harmony with what reality presents.  This often overwhelming task can begin with simply wondering about change, what it would look like, feel like, what other truths would be possible within our own wonderland.  It begins with us being present to what actually is, and feeling our feelings about it. I have found that being present to the Jabberwockies in my life, allows me to be truly home within myself, fully present and alive.


alice child purplishWhat then are the Jabberwockies in your life? What is your wonderland full of?  When’s the last time you allowed yourself to simply wonder? Simply be present?


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