Busy Bee Balm

I use this balm to help me when I find myself overly buzzy and need to come down from busy bee mode.  Warning this takes at least fifteen minutes to make well (not including time prep time which varies greatly depending on water source.)  ENJOY!

busy bee eat honey


  • 1 to 3 helpings of perspective my favorite perspectives to try on are:
    • the perspective of my 4 year old self,
    • an elephant’s perspective,
    • and a backwards perspective,
    • but any perspective other than busy bee mode will do.
  • water can be in the form of a shower, bath, to drink, or behold as in ocean, lake, or brook water
  • 10 measured breaths each one longer than the last
  • a person to share soothing calm breaths with 
  • recorder optional
  • timer optional

Making the Balm

Begin at the place where your water of choice is available. Take breaths preferably in comfortable temperature. Set timer to ten minutes and spend time with water of choice (set timer longer if you have it.) Take on perspectives and mix in til well blended. It may help to record your thoughts, sights, or movements with a camera, pen and paper, or method of choice for further reflection.  Upon next opportunity seal in the balm’s power by sharing soothing calm breaths with a someone. You can share breaths while in a hug, sitting gently leaning back to back or you can share the feeling of soothing calm breaths by touching their heart with soothing words, all with their expressed permission of course.

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