Muse News~ work in progress…

Generally speaking, we, the public, usually only get the edited version of things.  Well, it’s my experience that the RAW version, or in the process version, of things     can be extremely beneficial to share.

I’ve been working on a new format for my newsletter, a way to get you the info you want, that I want to share, in a way that you will receive it.  Had a great idea to do it as a shortish video clip and mix in my techno-artistic flare throughout… It’s taken a month to get to this point.  Needless to say I don’t think I’ve been using the right tools(!) however I am so close to figuring this out and wanted to share what I got so far with you! Enjoy!

(somehow the timing of the speech has been thrown off so I’ll figure that out but other than that if you have any tips for doing this sort of thing smoothly leave them in the comment section)

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