An answer to the question: Why Private Practice?

~ “Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.
Seek the path that demands your whole being.
Leave that which is not, but appears to be.
Seek that which is, but is not apparent.” ~ Rumi via Coleman Barks

This quote gifted to us from Rumi has been a guiding force in my career choices of the past 7 years. The moment I first read this quote I felt a deep resonance, for many reasons, but mostly because my life question Is all of me allowed here? is often met with a no. So the prompt to seek a path that demands my being in entirety truly bolstered my belief that such a path existed. My journey to find that path has ultimately lead me to this moment where I realize that I have become the path I saught. A mosaic of stones, hard pressed ground, blended from methodolgies, religions, systems, cultures, families, and wise ones picked up along the way. I am ready to be the wisdom I have sought, to share the balm I oft’ held back. In this moment I realize that I am not here to find the path, but to offer it.

Having a private practice affords me the opportunity to fully utilize all of my strengths, creative juice flows, and finally bring my WHOLE being to the work I do. It means no longer having to ask if the method I know will bring about healing falls in line with the particular agency mandate (because it does), or if my supervisor will back me if I do what I know to be right for this family (because they do), or if I’ll receive the type of support needed to grow in the areas I am weakest (because I’ve built that support in.) In essence I ended up creating space where the answer to my life question is a resounding YES! Truly a blessed opportunity indeed.

Still this opportunity is not without pitfall…to avoid the dangers of isolation and ‘too-much-of-your-own-worldness’ that often come with private practice, I plan to partner with agencies, initiatives, and projects. Having my private practice is of great benefit here as well, as it means I am free to do the job at hand without ulterior motive trying to reshape the job to also be the vehicle that brings about my professional outlet for what God has called me to do. No pressure, as I am already doing that, in the way I feel called to, daily. So, I can offer my suggestions and clearly hear yours, no strings attached.

There are many paths, many options, but there is only one me, one Keyona Denise Aviles, licensed mental health counselor who has been invited again and again into the vulnerable, stagnant, and sometimes dark, places of people’s lives and accepted the honor of that invitation with grace; who graduated a master of mental health counseling holistic specialization from Lesley University’s dual degree program; who convinced Lesley College to provide full a full ride scholarship as an true investment in a better future for us all; who at the end of the day chooses to see the harmony of truth and the real beauty of our world; who works hard, plays hard, and loves harder. Only one. I had to open a private practice as it will make all the difference.

In this moment there is an offering here for you too, Beloved. Perhaps the following is also true. You are not here to find joy; you are here to extend it. In my experience you are inspiration-packed, wisdom-infused, made with love, and blessed with so many of the qualities we spend our precious time here looking for. I do believe there is truth to that, it is not always experienced but true nonetheless. To experience this truth we must make ourselves wholly available to what is already inside. Real healing happens when we stop resisting what is true, including our True Selves.

“Truth is here, inspiration is here, love is here, peace is here, help is here, God is here, because you are here (Robert Holden, Ph.D.)” Here is a mantra worth repeat: I Am fill-in-the-quality-of-your-choice-here. Write it up and stick it somewhere you’ll see it. If you’d like to practice the embodiment of that quality, you know how to find me!

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