As many of you know, I LOVE BIKING. I’ve biked through the Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville area for years. I bike for the joy of it, the love of it, for health, freedom, transportation needs, and because I can. I got into biking not only because of the many benefits, but because it is a long time passion of my husband. Anyway, I had been biking for years on a one speed cruiser. If you know anything about Dorchester hills and the purpose of gears on a bike you know I wasn’t being as efficient as I could be. Still, I loved that bike. It was a gift from my husband when he was just my boyfriend and the bike and I had covered a LOT of road together.

When my bike was confiscated (long funny story better told in person, so ask me sometime…) by the authorities and I was forced to buy a new one, my husband was super excited. If I were on my own, I would have just gotten a bike similar to the one I had, however he had been trying for some time to impart the wisdom of gears and bike types to me for years and  saw this as a golden window of opportunity to take a trip to the Giant bike store near us. The experience of trying each one out, in my own time, and actually being fitted for a bike, really brought home the messages my husband had been trying to share. When we were at home, using a bike built for him as the example, I just couldn’t feel it for myself, so for me the profound words just weren’t true. Now that I have the right tool, adjusted for my real world use, my love and use of biking have hit new levels of beauty, joy, and efficiency! Simple,I know, but I wanted to share with you this generalizable truth that I use in my everyday work brought home in the reality of this story:

Experience matters!

When trying to convey your truth, remember the people you are sharing with have different processes and needs for understanding. What is great for you may not be great for them, or may need to be tweaked for them to truly grasp.

~ oOo, thanks for reading, hope that is useful, however, I digress. I originally said all that to share that my husband’s other simple advice regarding bike types has proven true on multiple levels, so I’ll share them here with you!

1. Know and take care of your bike, and it will take care of you

2. If you’re riding the city streets~ use your road bike.


3. If you’re riding off road, dirt trails, etc.~ use your mountain bike.

4. If you’re out for a leisurely stroll~ use your cruiser.

20130813-122322.jpg (ha! That’s actually me on my ol’ cruiser!)

5. If you are doing a lot of different terrain, pick the type of bike based on which terrain you’ll be riding through most or the terrain the shows up most toward the end when you may be tired. Prepare for the other terrain as best you can with what you have, knowing its only temporary.

6. * DO NOT WASTE YOUR INVESTMENT OF TIME, MONEY, OR EFFORT ON A HYBRID BICYCLE.* Because hybrids always claim to be both, but really does neither well.

In short, know why you need to use it, and the what / how will become clear.

Being unsure about what you want makes you more likely to use something like a hybrid and end up stuck in a neither situation, which is just as useful as an almost situation.

Beloved, if you’re in a situation where you are feeling unclear, know that there are SO many fun, wonder-ful, wordless ways to gain clarity! Contact me and I’ll gladly guide your journey.

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