Surrendered to the Master Gardener ‘s Care

When a master gardener evaluates a bush for pruning, it’s known that she removes those branches that are dying and those that could potentially sicken the bush as a whole. What I want to focus on today is the little known fact that she may also cut partially healthy, and fully healthy branches too.

You see, as the master gardener, she knows the plan, shape, and future growth she wants that bush to express. So she removes without unnecessarily labeling the branch removed as bad, sick, or dead. She removes in line with the desired experience and capability of that bush.

In this way, Beloved, allow your vision to become clear to the areas in your life you may have mislabeled as bad or good when removed by the Master Gardener’s knowing care. Know this and commit to pouring energy into the life you are growing toward. Know that all things have a time, place, and season. Know that all things, even when great, dance the ebb and flow rhythm of life and come to an end. Know this and enjoy the great flow while it is here, in this way, at this time.

As always if you need more guidance, find me.


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