Visioning is: Lifting my voice to sing

I am at Haley House Cafe, Art is Life Itself. the room is packed almost no where to sit and buzzing with the energy of possibility & creation.

Truly an evening of visioning. I see:

~ energy healing reiki,
~ first time performers take flight,
~ the blessing that is Lift Ever Voice & Sing
~ deep concepts formed from insight, paper and glue
~ new seeds planted, watered, plantings daring to fiercely emerge

The dynamic storytelling of Sumner & Linda McClain plus 1 remind me of the power in the gift of story, of song, of a deep drum, a call & response. They share how it helps both child and parent when shared before bed, over dish washing, while setting limits, in the midst of struggle. It reminds me of…wait a second, are these the same folks I remember so vividly at an assembly at my elementary school. Nina reveals they have been doing so for 50+ years I have to ask if they’ve been to my hometown! Almost 25 years ago now and the memory runs deep. I want to share the stories I do have. I want to learn more stories and share them well. This is what I believe is so helpful in experiential therapy ‘techniques’, the ability to talk about something without talking about that thing through metaphor, through story, through archetypes. Thank God for you Linda McClain. Thank God for you Dr Pinkola-Estes.

The rest of the evening, I won’t yet reveal other than to say tonight I think I may have met someone who, by divine appointment, will accompany me into new parts of this grand journey.

I am buzzing with excitement and know even greater clarity of vision is on her way.

May we all receive such blessing and, while forging new pathways, take moments to bring forward the stories of our ancestors.


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