Digging Deeper

Important Side Note: So for those of you who don’t know, early last month I committed to complete insanity, the 60-day beach body workout by Shaun T with 3 other members of Roxbury Presbyterian Church. Image

What I LOVE about the Max segment of Insanity is just when you feel like giving up, there is one more round and something new thrown into the mix. Shaun T cries out, as he does throuhout the series, ” I need you to Image.”

When I dug deeper, this is what I found:

  • I found I almost always had physical energy for at least one more
  • I found new respect and perspective on what my body could do
  • I found this voice inside that said: “Our time is so precious and limited, the more we do this, the more we can do~ Grrrrl we can do this!!!”
  • I found a flop sweat, a grrrunt & moan, and an answer to the big question: what is at the bottom of the dig, this big dig we are digging:

When I dig deep, underneath the pain, the concepts, the notions, the emotions, the critics, the rights, the wrongs, way down deep there is ALWAYS LOVE… a love that has room enough for all of us, a love that doesn’t quit, that motivates, that heals, that isn’t always the way we thought she’d look or smell. A love that heals and reshapes, a love that shreds whats no longer useful and makes way for the new.

After years of working with our beloved Boston’s disregarded, hurt, and addicted, this is what I find to be true:

When we dig deep (and I can go on and on about the importance for the we in this sentence alone~ and will at another time) we find the source. When we find source, we have access to the choice. When we choose Love, that love with the capital L, as a way, a path, a guide~ even the simplest gesture becomes a healing balm. A touch, a smile, a word, an act of kindness has the power of that Love gifted therein. The power to dig deep and cut through whatever to get to truth, to source.

I have committed my life to dig and work deeply, I believe we all have the source within. I commit to align with this deep source love and stay in touch with her. For myself, my family, for this world that is ours. I commit to dig deeper with you for as long as you’ll allow.

I dig through movement, connection, and meditation. How do YOU dig deep?

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