Begin Again~ the rising of one billion


This is the day that history will say the sprouting of this rising began.  And like with everything else, they’ll be partially right. So in honor of our one billion+ who take a stand in whatever form they courageously do I share the following:

I am at Inspired Release. Here, in these two rooms, there is safety, honesty, space to let go, a way to move on, a taste of freedom~ all the elements of a good home.  You show up. You commit to what you can. Each time you do so, the realization that this home actually lives inside you and is accessible to you always MANIFESTS.  Wow!

As we are human, we have such experiences, and then whatever distractions come our way, we partially forget our access to home. However, we don’t have to let the story end there, we can begin again.  I believe one of the most amazing things about being human is the power of choice.  In our choosing then, let us metaphorically be like turtles and carry our freedom, honesty, safety, s p a c e  while journeying on.  Let us be like Hermit Crabs and adapt, aware of changes and needs, let us seek out environments supportive of our present self.  Let us be like snake, able to let go of what we’ve outgrown, what no longer protects and activate our power to renew, the power to begin again.

Yes! Let’s be powerful like Margie last night in the midst of our Belly Jam hip shimmies. “Oh,” she said, the light bulb in her head beaming through wide eyes, “I forgot to dance! I, I forgot to dance.” Later, after class, she connects the dancing to listening to her intuition.  She shares a story of past courage, choice, and the decision to be called into action on behalf of someone in need. She is beginning again.

That said, let us be in whatever company gives, and allows us to give, spiritual food so we can be powerful enough to continue this rising, and be reminded when prompting is needed to go on and begin again.

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